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Atomic® Grants

Atomic® Grants

Saturday, September 30, 2023


Cash and coaching to help you rediscover and nurture your passions!  

“Money” can be one of the most challenging barriers that we face. Often, we simply need more of it. Or, we have a hard time reconciling “giving” ourselves money (even when we’ve earned it) over our kids activities/daycare/household bills - you name it. 

  • Maybe you need to hire a designer who will bring your “side hustle” to life
  • Or, you want to take a class to grow a professional skill that will help earn a promotion or a career change 
  • Perhaps you have been yearning to write that book that you know will inspire others, but you just need some funding to create the space to write

You get the idea. Passions come in many forms and it takes work to unlock them. And, it’s more than likely that money is going to help bring them to life. 

In 2023, we will award four grants to applicants who are looking for support in bringing their passion to life. The passion should be one that looks to create positive change for the applicant and others. 

These awards include a $1500 cash grant, coaching from leading strategy and culture consulting firm Keystone Group International AND a free year of Passion Collective On Demand!

To apply, complete the quick application form, telling us why you want this grant, and what impact it will make on your life. Be as expressive as possible about why this matters to you, and the impact you hope it will create on you, or others.

Saturday, September 30, 2023
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